We Belong Hardship Fund

We Belong have secured funding to provide financial support to young migrants. Click here to find out more and apply. 

Before filling out the form below, please read the guidelines:


We Belong has received emergency funding to aid young migrants who face financial difficulties in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

You must be between the ages of 16-25 years old to apply.


Purpose of Funding

o To subsidise immigration application or renewal cost where complications with immigration status will occur without the help of We Belong.

o To support young people where young migrants have lost their jobs and haven’t been furloughed or where money received from the scheme doesn’t cover basic needs, applicants may apply for some grants to cover essentials such as groceries, telephone bills etc.


Obtaining funding

Applicants will need to fill out an application form clearly stating the need for the funding, the amount and the expected date to receive the funding. Applicants with essential needs may return for additional funding after a 3-week hiatus, however, the success of receiving this will be determined on a case by case basis.

It is worth noting that the funding We Belong has received for this is limited and our goal is to help as many applicants as possible.


o Applicants may be refused funding if they do not meet the requirements stated above

o Applicants may be given less than what they requested in their application form (in this case, there will be a discussion with the applicant).

o Applicants may be asked for further information to validate their funding claims

o Applicants may be undocumented or on the route to settlement


This emergency funding is intended to support individuals in hardship and is not intended to be a long-term solution to ongoing financial problems. Therefore, the number of applications submitted by a single individual will be considered at the discretion of the organisation.


Please see the below guidance for the maximum funding per applicant:

Immigration: Leave to Remain application fee Between £500 - £1,000 (case by case basis)

Applicant on no income (i.e. undocumented/student/leave to remain/NRPF) Up to £150

Single Client (furloughed) up to £100


Application Process

The application process is split into 4 steps: 

1. Applicant fills out our form

2. For some applications, we will call via phone or Zoom for verification purposes 

3. We will contact you with the final decision on your application

4. If successful, the payment will be processed within 10 working days. 



We Belong reviews applications every Thursday and an update or decision will be provided within 3 working days from the first Thursday after your submission.

Please note: it may take up to 10 working days for payments to be processed. Applicants applying for financial support for their Leave to Remain applications will receive the funds 48hours before the submission of their application.

For any questions, reach out to info@webelong.org.uk Individual members of staff will not be able to provide feedback on your application.


If We Belong obtains information that money requested for is spent on reasons not stated in the application form, We Belong hold every right to reject any further applications.

We Belong is unable to discuss the amount that is given to individual applicants due to volume of applications we receive and our aim to help as many people as possible.



We Belong staff uphold the principle of confidentiality, we will not on our own account or in conjunction with others either directly or indirectly at any time disclose any personal information on our clients.


Data Protection

We Belong is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR. For more information on your data protection rights and the information we process about you please visit our website Privacy Notice




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8 Jun 2021