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University access info pack

We teamed up with Student Action For Refugees (STAR) to create an information pack so that schools and colleges can ensure that students who are young migrants, seeking asylum, or have refugee status get the right advice and know where to find support as they prepare for higher education.

We want to encourage more open, positive discussions about immigration in schools and colleges. Many young people facing barriers to accessing higher education find it difficult to seek support from their teacher and peers. Fortunately, our information pack will help to advise young migrants and sign-post them to the appropriate organisations like ourselves who have resources available to support them.  

We Belong visits schools and colleges throughout the year, working with over 1, 300 young people. We understand the difficulties young migrants face in accessing higher education and want to bring comfort to students who may feel like they are going through this alone.

Due to Covid, important information about university access has not been easily accessible to some young migrants, therefore we urge you to support them through the distribution of this information pack to your staff members.  Sharing this information will aid your support of young people early in their process to higher education. 

Click the following link to access:

Information Pack for Schools and Colleges – October 2020.pdf

4 Mar 2021